My Reels

Tech Art Reel (2018) Raybeem VR Footage (2017) Game Reel (2012)

A reel of the interactive work that I've developed.

Featured Work


Raybeem (2017) - Live in Your Music with this VR music visualizer developed in Unity. Now available on Steam.

Toyota Bronze

Chisel A Bronze Bust VR (2016) - Craft a sculpture in this VR experience installed at the San Francisco 49ers stadium. Featuring Oculus Rift and Leap Motion for hand tracking.


Oculus (2014-2015) - I created prototypes in Unity to evaluate usability in VR for 1st party software within Oculus' Xperience Design Group.

Jay's VR Ride Along

Jay's Virtual Ride Along (2016) - A VR 360 video experience created as a promotion for Jay's Cars show on CNBC.

Solar Grid

Solar Grid (2016) - Help Theo the robot escape in this Unity game developed in partnership with SLSTCE for Android and iOS.

Chevy Small Car Hud

Chevy Small Car Hub website (2016) - Decorate your car with wacky decorations and record and share a procedurally created animation.


Game Work

The Crazy Program

The Crazy Program (2013) - Puzzle game Developed in Unity for iOS, Android.

Escape from Planet Earth: Scorch's Run

Escape from Planet Earth: Scorch's Run (2013) - Platformer game developed in Unity for iOS, Android. Based on 3D animated film.

Hangover 2

Hangover 2: Crouching Monkey (2011) - Platformer Flash game based on the hit comedy movie.

Donut Get!

Donut Get! (2012) Developed in Unity & Flash for iOS, Android, and browser.

Kingdom Hearts Gummiship Studio

Kingdom Hearts: Gummiship Studio (2011) Facebook game developed for Square-Enix.


Thugjacker: Half (2004) - Beat 'em up inspired by Streets of Rage & Final Fight.

LUV Tank

LUV Tank (2007) - Shoot 'em up inspired by Gun.Smoke & Commando for NES.

Narnia Sword Training

Narnia: Reepicheep's Sword Training (2010) - Designed and created for Narnia film.

Iron Man

Iron Man: Assault on A.I.M. (2010) - Promotional game for Iron Man 2 film.

Simpsons Gone Finish

The Simpsons Movie - Gone Fishin' (2007)

Hotwheels Sharkbite Adventure

Hot Wheels: SharkBite Bay Adventure (2009) - Designed and created for promotion of Hotwheels toy.

Escape from Scientology

Escape from Scientology Pt. 1-3 (2006) - Trilogy of Zelda-inspired web games.


Web & Interactive Work

Witches of East End Spell Creator

The Witches of East End: Spell Creator (2014) - Composites Facebook avatar and name into interactive video.

X-Men Norton promo

X-Men / Norton Promo (2014) - Interactive WebGL globe created for mini-site.

Battlefield 4 Mosaic

Battlefield 4: Mosaic (2013) - Created an infinitely scrolling 3D interface for banner campaign.

Google Fiber installation

Google Fiber: What is a Gig? (2012) - Touchscreen installation for Google Fiberspace in Kansas City.

More... (2011) - Interactive database of all Soul Calibur characters.

Old Spice Muscle Music

Old Spice: Muscle Music (2012) - Award-winning music toy featuring Terry Crews.

More... (2007-2009) - Lead developer for at Mattel.

Toyota Venza Game Banner

Toyota Venza Cargo! Game Banner (2011) - Created a Tetris-styled game for this web banner.


About Me

My name is Bryson Whiteman. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I studied art & animation and have made a career out of my indie game dev/web development habit.

Video games are my love & passion. I'm fascinated with the design, art and technical craft that goes into games and other forms of interactive art.

I'm excited to find new ways to make people smile with interactive technology - especially using Virtual Reality and physical installations.